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I am not at Cannes.


Nor are any of my colleagues. 

Instead we are in conference rooms reviewing mobile shopping metrics to find clues for creating a better customer journey. (People had bottles water and Diet Coke, but not a single glass of rosé.)

We're having daily stand-ups, going through heat maps to spark ideas to improve the online customer experience.  (Nobody was in beach sandals. Nor, thankfully, speedos.)

We are brainstorming ways to use data and adtech to deliver personalization at scale. (Cool, euro-looking sunglasses were not required.)

We are working with clients, debating campaigns briefs, attending Human Centered Design sessions, collaborating on social video content, and having some laughs along the way. 

I view Cannes as part of the past, and gatherings such as TED, CES, SxSW representing what's happening now. Although one day, even these events may become Cannes-like.

This is not Cinderella venting about not going to the ball. This is celebrating how fortunate I feel to work with people who are defining the future of marketing. (I’ll drink to that. In fact, make it a chilled rosé from the south of France!)