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Meet Generation Z

I don't like the name Gen Z. Given that this young cohort accounts for nearly 26% of the U.S. population, we could show them a bit more respect by giving them a better name.  They are not last in line, as implied by the letter  Z , but in fact are at the forefront of new trends that will impact culture and commerce. Unlike other generational names, Gen Z conveys little insight into the characteristics of this group.   Boomers aptly described the population boom that follwed WWII.   Gen X drew its name from the cohort's embrace of extreme sports, music and culture.  And the term  Millennials came about for obvious reasons. Gen Z (basically anybody under the age 18) will have an enormous impact on the U.S., both from a social and an economic standpoint – they deserve a better name: Gen Tech , because they draw inspiration from technology, not just the internet. Inclusives , describing their multicultural and co-creative nature. Makers , tapping into their desire to


This is a good video about the role that design can play in driving commercial success.   John Maeda is a graphic designer, computer scientist, author and all around big brain.