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What's the state of relationships in a digital age?

As humans, we need to be safe; we want to belong; we yearn to be loved; and, most of all, we hope that we  matter –  to our friends, to our families, within our communities, and to the companies with which we do business.  Relationships help satisfy these basic needs.    That’s why we seek them. That’s why we need them.   A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to give the keynote address at the annual JD Power Automotive Marketing Roundtable in Las Vegas and pose this question to the audience: What is the state of human relationships in the digital age?   This isn’t an abstract question. As marketers, we have no choice but to confront and resolve this question.  ( Click here to see the speech. ) I’ve come to embrace a simple truth about marketing – what’s true in real life should be true in marketing .    Listen to our vocabulary:  Brand relationships; Customer relationships; CRM.   If our goal truly is to build customer relationships, then we should dig deeper to better u