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What is your brand's "Fast Car?"

  If you watched the Grammy Awards last Sunday, you saw an audience moved by Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs performing a duet of "Fast Car." Or dial up the YouTube and watch her 1988 performance at Wembley Stadium where the unknown artist was asked to fill time when Stevie Wonder's set was delayed by a technical malfunction, and watch that song quiet a massive and restless crowd. Why? Because "Fast Car" touches the marrow of our universal human experiences and needs. It's an example of the power of truly understanding people, and the risk of not. Recently, pundits and politicians have been scratching their heads, puzzled why people don't agree with the data that shows the strength and resilience of the economy. To me, this is just another example of not seeing the people behind the data (in this case, the daily reality of working-class people and towns that Tracy Chapman wrote about). Empathy is a powerful tool for marketers to better understand people