Saturday, September 6, 2008

What Google learned attending Comi-Con

There was a good bit of noise this week about the launch of Chrome, Google's answer to Explorer, Firefox, Safari, et al. Is it a better browser? Don't know. I'll download the beta and find out. (The new version of Firefox recently lured me away from Sarari. It's simply faster.)

What I enjoyed most about Chrome's launch was the comic book they created to explain why it's a better browser. Very counter-intuitive. Take something dry and complex and make it fun and simple to understand.

The folks publishing operating guides for digital cameras should take note. Hell, even the 50-page manual for my new digital watch would have been better as a comic book. I might even have gotten past page 17 -- setting the high tide graph -- with a few illustrations and humorous copy.


Anonymous said...

i see that you liked the comic but more important did you understand it fully even with the drawings?

wikibranding said...

I did. Can't admit to being too articulate about APIs and Javascript. So breaking it down for me helped me understand Chrome's difference -- the ability to simultaneously manage multiple open tabs and functions.

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