Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Microsoft's moist and chewy teaser campaign

Microsoft's new spot featuring Bill and Jerry is being universally skewered by the press and bloggers alike.

Am I missing something? It's a teaser spot for goodness sake. Get off Microsoft's case. It's not supposed to communicate anything nourishing or lasting. It's the advertising equivalent of an energy drink -- a quick jolt to the system to get our attention. Mission accomplished. (My only quibble: forcing Bill and Jerry to introduce each other to the viewers. "Bill Gates!" "Jerry Seinfeld?!" I think their faces are fairly well known.)

Having gotten that off my chest, the campaign that follows had better be amazing.

I've read previously about one potential idea -- windows, not walls -- which could be the basis of a compelling brand narrative, something that's been lacking over the years. Windows is a shared language and platform for global collaboration. It helped create today's flat world. The brand needs to stand for something meaningful or it will become irrelevant in the coming cloud.

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Anonymous said...

I think Microsoft would be wise to promote a new face of the brand. Unearthing a charismatic new CEO will go further than any ad campaign.

I think the guy who launched XBOX is that type.

I would replace Ballmer, and base the new campaign about the passing of the torch.

This is a great ad though. It gives Microsoft a personality. And I think a credible one.

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