Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What's Danish for smart branding?

I've written about the power of brand design in an earlier post. The story of Jyske Bank in Denmark is another example of the role design can play in helping a company achieve its marketing objectives.

Jyske (pronounced "Yeeska") set out to increase the number of customers it serves. That's a brief we've all seen before. But instead of resorting to free toasters, viral films or more advertising, Jyske Bank opted to change the experience itself. They used design thinking to redefine the very concept of banking. They made the brand tangible and physical in a manner that evoked an emotional connection. They created that special "third place" -- a haven that is neither home or work -- that has been the secret sauce behind Starbucks' success

The result? Jyske Bank doubled its customer base in one year by improving loyalty while attracting brand new customers.

Take a look at this video. You'll see a great case study and brush up on your Danish.

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Nicole said...

I'm happy to see that company's still understand and respect the power of physical connection, a fundamental aspect of our brain growth!
I was a little concerned where our skills were going with the lack of tangibility in today's online world.

There was an article in the paper about Blockbuster's, 5-10 year plan to improve their users experience in the brick and mortar or their stores. they hinted at a Starbucks meets Blockbuster environment, where you could order up a latte and sit down at a kiosk to flip electronically through their inventory of movies, while listening to a local artist play at the front of the store etc..

I thought improving the experience was a great solution, instead of eliminating it, which was also a proposed idea.

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