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Facebook and Google want to be your TV network.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has publicly outlined the company's ambitious Video First strategy, an effort likely to be as big as its previous push into mobile.  At its core, the strategy is designed to make FB our first choice when we want to look at video.

The first steps are already in motion:  Introduced a video-only tab; started promoting longer videos in the news feed; launched a video app for Samsung Smart TVs, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV; and now will begin paying content creators for high quality, episodic content.

Not to be outdone, Google announced YouTube TV, a $35 monthly "skinny bundle" for cord-cutters, offering 40 channels and content from all four broadcast networks.

But the big news is the availability of live sports, one of the last viewing experiences that keeps many Americans, myself included, tethered by a cable wire.   But YouTube TV will include some regional sports from ESPN.

It's important to monitor the success and growth of each.  It's also important for marketers to think "video" and not "TV."  They sound the same, but they are not.