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Celebrating creative brilliance in Cannes

I tip my hat to my peers whose work has been justly celebrated in Cannes.  This is the level of creative innovation that keeps me excited and passionate about my profession.  To echo the great Adidas mantra – impossible is nothing.

Here's some of the work that not only inspires me, but clearly inspired the judges in Cannes:

Solar Powered Annual Report:
Austria Solar and its design firm, Serviceplan Munich, produced this Annual Report that featured nothing on its pages until you exposed it to sunlight – a brilliant way to reinforce the company's mission.  (Watch this video to see it in action.)
Nike Fuelband:
Nike's new Fuelband is a sleek wristband that allows you to track daily calorie burn throughout the day.  It's brilliance is not just its design or function but its ability to seamlessly integrate the Nike brand into your entire day, beyond the gym. Kudos to Nike and R/GA.  (See the commercial.)
Mercedes Invisible Drive
How do you promote a zero-emission vehicle?  Make it invisible.  And that's what Mercedes and its agency, Jung Von Matt, did by covering the car with LED lights that displayed images from cameras mounted on the side of the car, creating the illusion that the car was "invisible."  (Watch the video.)