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Medtronic selects BD'M

Minneapolis based Medtronic has selected BD'M to help tell its corporate story.  And what a story it is:  from two guys in a garage in 1955; the first pacemaker; to a $15 billion leader in medical technology.

Beyond its commitment to innovation, what strikes me as special about Medtronic is its culture – they haven't changed a single word in their mission statement since it was penned in 1960 by the founder, and every employee can recite it by heart.  You don't usually find that in companies of this size.  (I'm a student of corporate cultures.  It brings out the wannabe anthropologist in me, because great cultures tend to be tribal in nature, unified by shared legend, lore, symbols and rituals.)

In January, Dell enlisted BD'M as its global agency of record for its Public Sector business unit, followed shortly by Chamilia.  The momentum feels good.