Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The PayPal of mobile commerce?

The Red Cross text message campaign to raise donations for Haiti is brilliant.  It's simple and immediate, two things that tend to resonate in America.

It's also been hugely effective, raising about $22 million in donations as of this past Sunday, or nearly one in every five dollars raised so far by the Red Cross for Haiti.

(By the way, if you haven't done so already, please text "Haiti" to 9099 and and $10 donation to the Red Cross relief effort for Haiti will be added to your phone bill.)

This makes me wonder about the future applications of this idea.  Why couldn't I do the same thing to buy a product?  Why can't AT&T or Verizon step forward to become the new PayPal for mobile commerce?

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nycbethie said...

Last month, I donated $10 to "This American Life" Podcast because 1. I love the show and 2. it was really easy via my cell phone. I love the concept and think that this is a brilliant idea. It's so easy to do - a no-brainer! BTW, I also donated to the Red Cross last week with my cell phone.

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