Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hard lesson for Tropicana. But smart response.

I'm clearly not the only one who questioned Tropicana's new packaging.

The NY Times reports the brand is bowing to public pressure and bringing back the iconic image of the straw stuck in the orange.

When I started this blog, I coined the term "wikibranding" to capture this very phenomenon -- i.e., brands are increasingly defined and communicated by customers, not by the manufacturer.  Rock on tweeters!

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Anonymous said...

Just the other day my roommate came home from the grocery store with the new Tropicana carton. Before I saw the Tropicana name in the new type face, my initial thought was that the orange juice she had bought was an off brand. The new design is so generic it looks boring and like a cheap in-store version of juice. I think consumers won’t be able to as easily differentiate between Tropicana and other generic brands, potentially hurting their sales. Everyone knows the orange and straw, why stray from a successful icon?

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