Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Let's banish the term "non-traditional media"

I'm increasingly bored with the terms "traditional" and "non-traditional" media. My partners at Barrie D'Rozario Murphy have heard my consistent refrain that if you want to make a 20 year old laugh, refer to mobile as "new media." It's all media. There's no such thing traditional media, only traditional thinking that inhibits innovation.

Here's an example of an idea that blurs these silly distinctions. Former Disney CEO Michael Eisner is launching what could be the new model of commercial entertainment. His new program, "The All-For-Nots", a comedy that documents a fictional rock band, will launch next week on the web, mobile phones and HDNet cable.

Web, TV and mobile. They're simply screens. Agencies need to embrace this premise and create powerful branding ideas across all three screens.


Anonymous said...

As well as there is no (or certainly shouldn't be) such thing as a creative who only concepts "traditional" advertising.

Those folks are being quickly stampeded by the next generation of creatives who ideate beyond television, if TV at all.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite entries. Because I do, laugh, at the term "new" media. And you recognize that it's silly too.

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