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YouTube meets Harvard

I just came across a new site that should be on the daily diet of any thinking person. aims to do for intelligent public discourse what YouTube did for Miss South Carolina. It's a video based site organized around topics such as science, faith, politics, and history, offering in-depth insights from thought leaders in academia, business, think tanks and the arts. The site encourages civil exchanges and debates.

At the center of BigThink are what its founders call "The 10 Questions." Who are you? What do you do? How do you contribute? What inspires you? What do you believe? Who are we? Where are we? What is your outlook? What is your counsel? What is your question? Today's site features musicians (Moby), politicians (Sen Arlen Specter), geneticists (George Church), Supreme Court Justices (Stephen Breyer) and others addressing these questions.

Think of it as the home version of Davos.