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Sounds like WikiBranding to me

Here's a excerpt from a study published this week at the annual conference of the Association of National Advertisers:

"Now, consumers not only talk back to marketers and interact with marketing messages, but they also reshape and distribute those messages through global communities," said Booz Allen principal Andrea Rasmussen. "The mix of media channels has shifted from a one-way broadcast model to a set of dynamic two-way media forums."

The study was co-sponsored by the ANA, the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the Interactive Advertising Bureau and consultancy Booz Allen Hamilton. Adweek has a good summary.

This is what WikiBranding is all about. It's the recognition that consumers are not only functioning as their own media programmers, but are now in charge of defining brand meaning and broadcasting to the world their version of the brand in ways never before available.

This requires marketers adopt a two-fold approach. First, invest in media and messages that help inspire true engagement with the brand. And, second, cede some control to customers and allow them to co-create and customize brand meaning in a manner that resonates with their interests and values.