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Welcome to WikiBranding.

First off, a quick word about the title of this blog -- WikiBranding. It comes from a term I think I coined at a recent Ad:Tech panel discussion to describe the current state of play. While everyone is talking about how consumer now exercise full control over their media choices, what most marketers are missing is the fact that more and more consumers are exercising control over how brands are positioned and communicated. We're no stranger to the power of word of mouth marketing. But now consumers have access to mass media with which to spread their opinions of a brand's true meaning and worth.

This blog aims to be a brainblender for insights, ideas and observations from the world of marketing and branding. It will likely veer off into the realm of pop culture, design, communications and media and all things in between. Why? Because the best brand ideas find their inspiration from these worlds. The best marketing innovations come from the collision of diverse perspectives and experiences -- not just a bunch of marketers locked in a room with a whiteboard. I've been in the branding business for 25 years and have never been more energized. A quote from Tom Peters' "Re-imagine" sums up why: "If you don't like change you'll like irrelevance even less!" Indeed.

The pace of change can make your head spin. Microtrends. New media platforms every day. A flat global economy. Good times.